• What is the turnaround time on my order? Generally most orders take from 7-10 days to from the you place the order to the when ship it. If you order consists of several products, production time may take slightly longer. Large T-Shirt orders will be a minimum of 10-14 days before shipping.
  • What shipper do you use? We ship everything using Fedex. Larger orders will require a signature when delivered. In some rare cases, we use US Postal Service.
  • Can I pick up my order? No, we do not offer pick up service.
  • Can you ship to the venue where we will be playing next week? No. We will only ship to a residence. The opportunity for products to end up in the wrong hands is too risky. In some rare cases, we will ship to a FedEx pick up facility where you can pickup your products.


  • What is “high resolution” artwork? High resolution artwork is artwork that can be printed fairly large without noticing a drop in quality. Low resolution artwork is artwork that you would find on a website. Most low resolution artwork is 72 DPI or 96 DPI. This artwork can NOT be used for any products we offer. A minimum of 250 DPI is acceptable.
  • What is DPI? DPI stands for “Dots Per Inch”.
  • What is Rich Black? Rich Black is a term used to describe CMYK black that is 70% Cyan, 50% Magenta, 20% Yellow and 100% Black. Rich black is best when designing artwork that will have a black background, such as a banner, stickers or stage scrims. Is is a much darker black than a RGB black when printing. Artwork should be created in CMYK and rich black should be used for any background or solid black such as a logo or text.
  • What is the best format for my artwork? All artwork should be saved in JPG format at 300 DPI at the best quality, (no additional compression). For banners or stage scrims, artwork can be saved at 150 DPI at 100% scale, again at the best quality, (no additional compression).
  • Can I send an Adobe Illustrator file if that is all I have? Yes, we can use Illustrator or EPS files, but if at all possible, export them to a high res JPG and send us the JPG file.

If you need any assistance with setting up your artwork, please contact us and our art department will help you in getting your artwork ready.